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Erotic Surrealist Paintings

What’s more exciting than seeing and enjoying
a beautiful erotic surrealist painting?

Fine Erotic Surrealist Paintings

So you can admire some of my paintings. In Today’s Gallery, you can buy some of the latest ones. In Yesterday’s Gallery, you will look at some of my older paintings. What I paint is at the same time erotic and surrealist. Therefore I can call my work “Erotic surrealist Paintings”.

In my Terragen Gallery, you can look at some of the images I digitally created with TerragenTM, a stupendous photorealistic scenery generator I discovered in May 2003.

For what concerns the erotic and surrealistic character of my paintings, I consider myself as the spiritual heir of Hieronymus Bosch. That’s the reason of my logo.

On the technical point of view, I am the spiritual heir of the Old Flemish Masters, particularly John Van Eyck.

Color Theory
Technique of Painting in Oils

Those who look for an information on technical and theoretical issues in relation with artistic painting will find large sections devoted to the Technique of Painting in Oils and to the Color Theory.

For those who are interested in the artistic context of my work, there are artistic pages.

In the Psychological Page, the psychological implications of erotica in art and paintings are analyzed too.

You will soon be convinced that I present you something very original and personal. You shall very soon be anxious to acquire one of my creations.

In any case, even if you don’t buy, thank you for looking!

If you have any questions, please email me.

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Erotic Surrealist Paintings: OK, but:

Why “Sea Ooh See”?

SEA = Surrealism, Erotism and Art.
Ooh = Ooh yes! It’s wonderful!

An exclamation expressing happy surprise, wonder and admiration at the sight of my paintings.

SEE = See and Enjoy Erotic Surrealist Paintings.

This name is a symbol. I should even say a “multisymbol”, because this expression, although so small, means so many things.

The obvious meaning of “Sea Ooh See” is that we enjoy seeing beautiful Erotic Surrealist Art and paintings.

The hidden meaning is that we “see” the “sea”, but only its surface, and we cannot “see” what could crowd in its depths. It’s the same with the human soul: we only see the surface, i.e. what is conscious. We cannot see the mysterious unconscious of the human soul. Looking at surrealists paintings is an easy and agreeable way to manage to reach the “personal subconscious” and even to see a little bit of the “collective unconscious” (see “Psychological Aspects”).

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Page updated July 30th 2004

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