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An Example

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An example of my way of working

Here you have an example of my way of working.

What is perhaps the most interesting thing in this demonstration is the gradual rise in colors: each stage is a little more colored than the preceding one. This way of painting prevents the definitive painting from having too saturated colors (See Which colors does a painter use most frequently? A childish picture).

Picture #1 shows the black drawing on the white gesso.

black drawing on gesso

Picture #2 shows the black and white underpainting with a watery synthetic emulsion.

black and white dead painting

Picture #3 shows the first stage of the colored deadpainting with a the same watery emulsion. The black and white image has been colored by transparent color glazes only — the same process as when you colorize a black and white photography.

colored dead painting, stage 1

Picture #4 shows a second stage of the dead painting with the watery emulsion. Opaque colors have been added.

dead painting with watery emulsion, stage 2

Picture #5 shows the beginning of the underpainting in oils.

underpainting in oils

Picture #6 shows the finished picture.

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