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Pigments Formules

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Pigments Formules

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Examples of chemical formules

1. Chemical formule of an inorganic pigment:


= Chromium Sesquioxide (Chromium Oxide Green)

In this formula Cr = Chromium, O = Oxygen. The digits show the number of atoms that are in a molecule of this pigment, like this:

Cr2 = there are 2 atoms of Chromium;

O3= there are 3 atoms of Oxygen.

2. The formula of the hydrated form is a more complicated one, containing Hydrogen (H):


= Hydrated Sesquioxide of Chromium = Viridian

One molecule contains 2 atoms of Chromium, 5 atoms of Oxygen and 4 atoms of Hydrogen (in other words: 4 times the group “OH”, made of 1 Oxygen and 1 Hydrogen, plus 1 Oxygen).

3. Formula of an organic pigment, Indigo:


C16 = 16 atoms of Carbon,

H10= 10 atoms of Hydrogen

O2 = 2 atoms of Oxygen,

N2= 2 atoms of Nitrogen.

To have an idea of the manner of which these atoms are arranged with each other, the chemists develop the formula into such a pattern:

developed formula of indigo

But, as this is too complicated, they simplify the formula in this way:

simplified formula of indigo

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