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Asteroid wz06453

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Image #4: Asteroid wz06453

This is my first asteroid. I made it on August 18, 2003. It isn’t an extraordinary one, but I like it all the same, perhaps because rendering small planets was something quite new for me.

It only was a trial and I rendered it at a too low resolution (I’ve only found a 640 × 480 GIF image on my HD). Unfortunately, the BMP Terragen rendering and the original .ter and .tgw files seem to be lost.

So I managed to tweak not too bad bigger images by fiddling with the 3 LAB channels, with the help of various filters.

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More information on LAB channels can be found in “Part 2” of a tutorial which Esteban Glas and me, in close collaboration, have written about “Color correction and other adjustments” of Terragen renderings, and which is full of tips and tricks that can be useful too for enhancing any other kind of image, including your — colour or B&W — photographs. (Back to top).


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