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“New Permanent” Alizarines

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The “New Permanent” Alizarines

This trial was made in 2001. I used an acrylic medium for PR177, but couldn’t find PR264 in acrylics.

Consequently, for the latter pigment, you can see the yellowing of the upper halves of the samples, which have been kept in the dark.

In any case, there has been no fading of this PR264 in sunlight.

On the contrary, the second sample of PR177 has produced an uncertain result. Furthermore, in September 2002, my last trial seemed to be about to show a possible lack of lightfastness too. That’s why I decided to continue this trial with the same samples until next spring or even next summer. So I hope I shall be able to confirm or infirm this impression with more certainty in a few months (updated January 20th 2003). (Back to Pigments No.1.)

Page updated January 20th 2003

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