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My Interests — Photography and Photo-processing

picture of the artist

Picture taken by a French friend in May 2001

In the sixties already, I used to develop my “black & whites” in the dark room (See My Family).

Until recently I had my color negatives developed in a lab, and worked in an ordinary room in front of my PC and my film scanner.

In november 2005 I bought a digital camera, and don’t need using a film scanner any longer.


But it’s still a joy to process my photos with several programs, above all Photoshop. Sometimes I like trying to colorize some old black and white photo I took in the past. I must say this is a very difficult work. But I recently discovered a wonderful plug-in for doing it. Its name is AKVIS Coloriage: I advise you to try it because not only colorizing a black and white photo has become a very easy task, but you can use it for a lot of other things too. For example, AKVIS Coloriage is the easiest way I ever found for getting rid of the “red eye” effect.

You can read useful information in the AKVIS webpage, where you’ll find other AKVIS plug-ins. Here you can download the AKVIS Coloriage plug-in and here you’ll find a lot of useful tutorials about this plug-in.

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